About Us

Sterling3000 aims to provide an opportunity for young people to provide housing support, care and accommodation to children aged 16 and 17 as well as to vulnerable adults aged 16 – 21+ where it is assessed that their needs can best be met in a living environment that affords age and developmentally appropriate experiences of preparation for adult life.

We ensure the delivery of high quality, safe and supported living environments for the young adults who will reside with us.

Quality of Care and Support
Quality of the Physical Environment
Quality of Staffing, Management and Leadership
Quality of Quality Assurance and Monitoring.
Whatever the reason, all young people living at Sterling3000 Supported Housing are unable to live full time with their families. Our overall purpose is, therefore, to provide a safe, warm, nurturing and empowering environment for young people to live in and to move appropriately on from (post 16 years) and live independently within the community.

In Sterling3000 supported housing schemes, support is a condition of the tenancy, the level of 1:1 support is a fixed at a certain amount of hours. This approach to supported housing is designed and used as a temporary housing model rather than to offer a permanent home.

Sterling3000 supported housing model described in the service overview will require active commissioning and a joined up approach between housing, Social Services and Supporting People functions to achieve a balance that meets the needs of the local community.