Our values

Dignity and Respect

The uniqueness and intrinsic value of individuals is acknowledged and each young person is treated with respect.

Equality and Diversity

All young people are treated equally regardless of their legal status, disability, gender, sexual preference, race, and cultural and religious identity. All services delivered by the provider are within a framework of equal opportunities and anti discriminatory practice.


Young people are offered the opportunity to select independently from a range of options based on information contained within their support plan, which is clear and accurate.


Young people have the right to privacy and should be free from unnecessary intrusion into their affairs and there is a balance between the considerations of the young person’s safety and that of others.


Young people have as much control as possible over decisions, which affect their lives whilst being safeguarded against unacceptable risks.


Young people’s rights are safeguarded and actively promoted within the context of the accommodation provided.


Young people are enabled to lead full and purposeful lives in order that their ability and potential can be realised.


Young people are safeguarded and have stability in all aspects of the services which are being delivered to them and feel free from exploitation, neglect and / or abuse.